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PROTECTOR Reed Diffuser
PROTECTOR Reed Diffuser
PROTECTOR Reed Diffuser

PROTECTOR Reed Diffuser

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Our PROTECTOR line was made to cleanse, reenergize, and protect yourself and your sacred space.  



White Sage and Lavender

+ Cedarwood, Clove, and Lavender essential oil


WHITE SAGE - Banishes Negative Energies

PALO SANTO - Purifying 

LAVENDER - Healing


AMETHYST - Enhances psychic abilities

OBSIDIAN - Protecting

QUARTZ POINTS - Energizing


These Reed Diffusers are perfect additions to spaces in need of a spiritual, and aromatic uplift.  They’re a perfect solution for areas that forbid open flames such as dorm rooms, hotels, and rental spaces. 

Each one of our diffusers are carefully measured, mixed, and hand-poured in our home studio in Charlotte NC. 


-Once you receive your diffuser, you may tare off and recycle the protective seal. 
-Un-band your rattan reeds and drop all 6 into your bottle. 

You may not smell the fragrance right away, but in just a few hours, the fragrance will travel up your rattan reeds and release your new fragrance into the air. 

Diffusers can last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the climate/location you place your new diffuser. 

5oz Jar

Height with reed sticks:  10"

Width: 2.75"